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This is not my blog...

So I love LJ and a few close friends have LJ. And I wouldn't want to ever miss an update.

BUT unfortunately I ran into a huge huge snag with LJ... you can't mass-edit entries without being a paid member...

Which'd be a big problem for someone who say, for example, were hit by a careless driver for the 2nd time (getting even more spinal injuries and developing permanent chronic pain, forcing them to completely leave behind a career they'd worked so hard on), then wrongfully lost their benefits & had to start legally going after those benefits... against scummy people who'd already lied & who would just love to stalk their way through journal entries to try to find anything they could misconstrue.

So a person in that awful situation would either have to go through by hand to delete hundreds of entries, pay money to become a member of a blog service that had this big not-so-nice flaw (money being a huge problem due to this situation!), OR would have to delete their whole LJ. Sad eh?

So let's just say that in "support" of this hypothetical situation, I'm no longer blogging with LJ but rather still using it to follow my good friends...

To read up on my own entries (in a current state of censoring, unfortunately, which will hopefully be over within a few years...), please visit my REAL blog:

Creating Kris ~ A young mom blogs: Scrapbooks, stamped cards, home decor & more!

To check out any of the freebies and blinkies that were posted in this LJ's previous entries (many of which no longer show up b/c I was no longer able to afford hosting a separate website for them), please visit my Design website:

Visit KStar ~ Your source for over 2,500 FREE unique baby/TTC/pregnancy/mommy blinkies!
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