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About this blog's freebies...

Just wanted to update about this blog's freebies...

Just like this blog's content has moved to my new blog website at, the freebies actually changed location as well...

Back when I was posting in this cutiemommie LJ regularly, I was hosting all of my free blinkies on a site called BlinkieMommies (and as such, all the freebies here are linked there). BUT I couldn't keep maintaining so many websites and instead the blinkies are now all hosted on my little design site, KStarDesign.

I won't be able to go through and change all of the links here (OMG, would that ever be copy-and-paste hell! no automated way to do it that I know of, which is one of the main reasons I've moved away from LJ's blogging platform completely to my own more "controlable" blogging software - even to the point I don't even cross-post my entries here), SO if there are any freebies or blinkies that you are lead to find here via a search somehow, just swap in instead of and the link should point you in the right direction!

And if this doesn't work for you, please visit the new Freebies page of my design site and your search will turn up any of the old freebies and one of the hundreds I've created since!!!

Visit KStar ~ Your source for over 3,500 FREE unique baby/TTC/pregnancy/mommy blinkies!
KStar KStar KStar

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