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Krismom Blog :)

So I've made some changes and some decisions! Thanks to everyone who answered my poll, whether it was on LJ or YM! :)

Here is the update on what will be happening with my blog. I'm really hoping this makes it easier for everyone to tune in! ;)

* My Krismom blog is going (mostly) public. There will still be some entries that are IRL-friends-only, but most of it will be viewable by all my readers.
* You can access my blog one of 3 ways: on LJ at,or from my website at OR or on Facebook.
* Readers will be able to comment on my Krismom blog (without being listed as Friends).
* I will "retire" my cutiemommie blog.
* I will go back down to "Basic" membership so no one has to see any ads on my blog.
* I will be posting pictures on my blog (small-med versions) but the Full-size and complete collections of pics will still be in our password-protected family gallery.
* I will continue posting up new blinkies and news about my Cafe Press stores, but will try to do these behind LJ cuts whenever possible.

* With the 2 blogs re-combining, I suspect I'll be publishing about one entry per day on the Krismom blog. If you can handle the high-traffic-ness, please add me to your Flist, and if not, just pop in (in either of the 3 ways) when you remember.

Please feel free to post any questions you may have during the transition period and thanks to all my friends (both IRL and online!) for staying tuned through the changes and keeping up with what's going on in my (usually quite interesting!) life! ;) ;) ;)

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