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So I went and registered :)

I know, I know, how many .coms does one person need right? This brings the tally up to 4.

But donations for YM have covered the cost of hosting for the year, and I can host unlimited domains there. The only cost is $10 registration which is not expensive at all! My CafePress stores are doing OK (expecting another $25 cheque soon, that'll be the 4th or 5th such cheque). And also the Google ads on BlinkieMommies are actually coming along quite well, I've already made about $4 in one month's time.

I've been communicating with someone who is interested in putting some links up on my Krismom site (all my sites are getting pretty decent ranking on Google these days). I'll always keep YM as ad-free as possible, but I don't have an objection to putting up a couple links on my other sites.

For Krismom's Garden, (which is currently at, I will move it to and have the site there. So that decision is already made.

The big decision will be whether I keep my LJ blogs (and perhaps buy a full membership), or whether I condense them all into one and "blog" from only.

It may mean going a little more public with other areas of my life. Which I might be comfortable with. I already have a definite online "presence", not to be vain or anything but I do. I think my little blog might be somethnig a few people would want to follow. And hey if Dooce makes enough blogging to buy herself a pool, I'm sure I can at least bring in a little something to support my "webby" activities, and maybe buy some more scrapbooking stuff off of Ebay to boot. ;)

It's balancing things to make sure I'm still comfortable with how much of "me" is out there, that I'm not "selling out", and that everyone else is happy with the new arrangements.

If you could please take a moment to answer this poll, that would be so great and helpful!! :)

I want to take my "readers" into account in making this decision. If a lot of people, especially my IRL friends, say it'd be better for me to stay on LJ then I'll probably do that. If people are comfortable checking once in a while to find out how I'm doing, I think I'd have fun doing a blog on my own site. :) TIA!! :)

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Poll #1026393 Kris' blog

Would you continue to read my blog if it was on it's own site instead of LiveJournal or Facebook

Absolutely! I'll follow your blog wherever it goes.
Probably! I might stop by occasionaly.
Yes, but I'd rather not, LJ is convenient for me.
No, I only check my Friends page.
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